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Liquit as a Service is the most complete, secure, risk-free application management platform on the market. Work with one of our managed service provider partners to outfit your business with the only application management solution you will ever need.

A Powerful Platform With Guaranteed Results

With Liquit as a Service, your business will have complete application management capabilities at its fingertips.

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Benefits of Liquit as a Service

Best-in-Class Application Management

Liquit as a Service gives your organization the ability to manage all of its application needs better, faster, and smarter, and is built to future-proof your organization as those needs change.

Increased Productivity and Reduced Costs

With Liquit as a Service, application management is simple, fast, and consistent, meaning there is less time spent resolving costly application delays and more time spent focusing on your business.

A More Efficient IT Team

Without the right application management solution in place, IT teams often bear the burden of resolving a wide range of application issues. Liquit as a Service takes that work on, freeing up your IT team for more pressing tasks.

Increased Effectiveness and Flexibility

In today’s work-from-anywhere environment, end-users need to be confident they can access the applications they require whenever and wherever they need them. We empower teams to perform at their peak under any circumstances.

Clients Across Major Industries Rely on Liquit

Trusted across major industries


What Customers Say About Us

Andy Powell

Head of Infrastructure CCCU

It was outstanding to be recognized by the students for the good work. We’re a small organization, and Liquit helped us knock it out of the park.

Ken Phelan

CTO at Gotham Technology Group

Gotham has been publishing and managing workspaces for large and small clients for over two decades. We know that managing the complexity of application portfolios and user personalization is the largest issue that all of our customers face. Liquit changes the game here. It’s a new paradigm using everything the industry has learned over the last twenty years. We’re very excited to bring this breakthrough to our clients.

Niels Zegers

Infra Manager at Lamb Weston

We are using Liquit as the basis for our new Digital Workspace. It makes our application management and delivery much easier to maintain and saves us a lot of time. Every organization who is facing difficulties with their application management should start using Liquit.